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​Here's a few recordings made while on the run...


 Cover of Killer by Adamski feat Seal. This was released back in 1990 - time flies eh? 

You Can Call Me Al

This was released back in 1986. Apparently, at a party, Paul was mistakenly called "Al" and his wife (Peggy) was called "Betty" by French composer Pierre Boulez, , thus inspiring Simon to write a song.  There you go - a free little fact for ya!

Down Under

These guys were taken to court because there's a little bit that sounds like the Australian traditional 'Kookaburra Song' in it. Apparently the Australians see this Men At Work classic as more of a national anthem than that'll ever be! Good on ya!

Bad Moon Rising

I've never really thought about attributing a particular moral alignment to that thing in our skies - obviously Mr Fogerty did.

Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd - 'nuff said.

Enjoy The Silence

Depeche Modes dark 80's anthem - possibly about  quietening the noise of modern day life. Noise which nowadays seems  to consists of Xfactor, Celebrity-this, Celebrity-that, ecetera, ecetera. Rant over. ;)

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